TSM Thyristor

The TSM-LC for Dynamic PFC is a fast electronically controlled, self-observing thyristor switch for capacitive loads up to 50 kvar (380 / 400 VAC) which is capable to switch PFC capacitors within a few milliseconds as often and as long as required without abrasion. Triggering can be done by means of dynamic power factor controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLC) or directly out of the technologic process.


  • Component for the design of Dynamic PFC-systems in 380V and 400V-grids
  • Automatically adapted by microprocessor to de-tuned and conventional capacitor branches (up to 14%); therefore optimization of the switching behavior.
  • Available for 25 kvar and 50 kvar
  • Monitoring of voltage, phase sequence, temperature; display of status via LED
  • Switching without time lag
  • No system perturbation caused by switching operations (no transients)
  • No auxiliary supply needed
  • Maintenance free
  • Long operational life
  • High switching speed
  • No noise during switching
  • Compact design ready for connection


Dynamic (real time) PFC for fast processes, e.g.

  • pressing
  • welding machines
  • elevators
  • cranes
  • wind turbines etc. with fast changing and high fluctuating loads
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