PMAC203 DC Branch Circuit Power Meter

  • Measuring: 1 main circuit + 42 branch circuits, Hall sensor zero point calibration
  • DI: 4 status inputs (dry contact) for Main breaker and Lightning protection switch,
  • DO: 2 relay outputs for alarm, 1 pulse output
  • Settable Pre-Alarm function:
    • Main circuit: Alarm for voltage, current, load, breaker status. Option alarm for Insulation resistance and temperature.
    • Branch circuit: Alarm for current (lo-lo-limit, lo-limit, hi-limit, hi-hi-limit), breaker status. Option Insulation resistance .
  • Communication: RS485, support Modbus-RTU protocol
  • Optional Hall Sensor input for Main circuit: 100A, 200A, 400A, 600A, 800A, 1600A
  • Optional Hall Sensor input for Branch circuit: 50A, 100A, 200A
  • Hall sensor zero point calibration
  • Optional mean and branch circuit status monitor
  • Temperature and isolation monitor
  • Historical kWh record:
    • kWh yearly consumption of last 10 years,
    • kWh monthly consumption of last 12 months
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