Active Harmonic Filters

The PQSine S Series is an active harmonic filter system designed to eliminate harmonic oscillations and consequently reduce costs. AHF PQSine S Series monitors the current signal and compensates the unwanted elements of the measured current. Thus, the filter ensures harmonic suppression independently of the number of loads. It also corrects the power factor, improving the system efficiency while reducing harmonic pollution.

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  • Harmonic compensation up to 50th harmonic (individually selectable)
  • Ultra-fast reactive power compensation (inductive and capacitive)
  • Load balancing between phases and unloaded neutral wire
  • Compact design, 3 level topology
  • Modular system extendable
  • Grid resonance detection
  • Digital Control of FFT algorithm, intelligent FFT algorithm, instantaneous reactive algorithm
  • Ethernet and Ethercat system for interconnection
  • User-friendly menu operation
  • High performance and reliability
  • Insensitive to network conditions